Unit Engine Type
EM2 Motorcycle unit
EM4 1000cc petrol engine
EM5 1300cc petrol engine
EM6 1600cc petrol & 1000cc diesel
EM8 2200cc petrol & 1800cc diesel
EM10 3000cc petrol & 2000cc diesel
EM14 4500cc petrol & 3000cc diesel
EM21 6500cc petrol & 4500cc diesel
EM28 6500cc + petrol & Upto 9000cc diesel
EM56s Fuel Flow Rate Upto 200L/H diesel
EM84S Fuel Flow Rate Upto 300L/H diesel
EM150S Fuel Flow Rate 500+ L/H diesel

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Economax Fuel Catalyst
Unit Installation Guide
Economax vs Magnetic Fuel Savers & Fuel Additives
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The Product
There are twelve different models of Economax, designed to treat different engine types and sizes.

Economax is a metal alloy catalyst which reacts with fuel upon contact. The reaction enhances combustion process inside the engine and results in quicker starting, improved pickup, lesser emissions and more miles per gallon. Improved burning of fuel inhibits carbon buildup as well and engines runs more cleaner. After installation of the catalyst it is advisable to change the engine oil and oil filter after 1200 to 1500kms since all builtup carbon etc. is burnt and deposited in engine oil. After initial oil change the interval of oil changes will increase noticebly.
Types of Units
Weights & Dimensions
Custom built units are available on request.
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