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Economax Fuel Catalyst
Install an Economax Fuel Catalyst and see how it:

 - Saves fuel
 - Increases Power
 - Lowers emissions
 - Lowers maintenance
 - Extends life of engine
 - Cleans engine
   and much more....

Economax Fuel Catalyst has been designed to get maximum output from even lowest quality of fuel.
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Economax vs Magnetic Fuel Savers & Fuel Additives
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- Is it a filter?
No. It is not a filter and it should not be used to replace a fuel filter.
- Is it a fuel additive?
No. It is a permanent fuel treatment system.
- What kind of alteration will be needed if I decide to install it in   my car?
Economax is simply installed in the fuel line after fuel filter. There is absolutely no need for any alteration in any vehicle or engine.
- Does it need any electricity or other source of power?
It is a self-contained unit and does not require any power or outside source of energy.
- Will this device interfere with any electrical or mechanical   operation of my car?
Economax only reacts with fuel passing through the line and that's it! It has nothing to do with any function of the engine.
- How do I know its working?
The most accurate and recommended method to check if the device is working is the comparison of old average fuel consumption with the new average, after the break-in period of the catalyst is completed. If you don't have the pre-installation record of your vehicle's fuel consumption, you can judge the effectiveness of Economax by improvement in pickup, power, cleaner engine oil and spark plugs, and smoother engine sound. If you were using Hi-octane, you can easily switch to lower grade of fuel without compromise in performance and that is the most important indication that the product is working.
- Why is it not pre-installed at factory by vehicle manufacturers?
As with CNG, no vehicle manufacturer installs such an efficient product in their vehicles except for the vehicles that are meant for countries with strict pollution control regulations. Actually no car maker pre-installs any "after market product" no matter how good or effective it may be. A common example is rims, tyres and stereo systems that are most lavishly replaced with "after market counterparts".
- Are there any side effects?
There are absolutely no side effects either long-term or short-term.
- If I want it to be uninstalled, what method would be adopted?
The unit is secured on any safe place on the vehicle's body and both ends of the unit are connected to the fuel line. To remove the unit simply disconnect both ends from the fuel line. There are no changes at all.
- How do I know I am saving?
For example a $39.00 Economax improves average mileage of a car with a tank capacity of 45 liters, from 10kms to 12kms (20%). Total improvement would be 90kms (2kmsx45liter) per full tank and 9 liters of petrol are saved (90kms/10old avg.) hence total cost saved is $3.15 (9x$0.35). A common misunderstanding is that people look at the change in mileage that is only 2kms and tend to ignore the overall effect. Another saving can result from switching to lower grade fuel due to the cost difference of Hi-octane, Super and Regular petrol.

Besides fuel, other savings come from extended interval of service and tuning. A petrol car would not need replacement of spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter, for longer period and there will be no need for tuning for a very long period.
- Are there any moving parts inside?
No. The catalyst reacts with fuel on contact and there is no movement inside the unit.
- Is there any possibility that Economax will not work?
There is no way that Economax might not work. If anyone thinks that the product is not working, there are only two reasons for that comment: either the user has no pre and post record of fuel consumption or the condition in which a vehicle is used is changed.
- Does anything need replacement in this device?
No. Economax works for 400,000Kms at its full potential and it is simply replaced after its active life.
- Is there any warranty/guarantee?
We provide 1500km money back guarantee and one year manufacturing defect warranty.
- Does it work with diesel?
Yes. It works as well on diesel as it works with petrol engine.
- What are the long term benefits of Economax?
Long-term benefits include longer life of engine, continuos cleaning, extended maintenance intervals, cleaner exhaust vents and pipes, lower emissions, and lesser need for engine tuning.
- What is the payback period?
Payback period for any device is around 2-3 months, only from fuel savings. Another way to workout payback is to calculate the return over active life of the catalyst. For example a $39.00 Economax with a life of 400,000kms improves average mileage of a car from 10kms to 12kms. According to old average the car would consume 40,000 liters (400,000/10) of fuel costing app. $14,000 (40,000x$0.35) over a total mileage of 400,000kms. After Economax, the car would consume 33,333 liters (400,000/12) at a cost of $11,666 (33,333x$0.35) saving $ 2,334. The pay back would be 59 times the cost of catalyst (2,334/$39).