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Economax Fuel Catalyst
Install an Economax Fuel Catalyst and see how it:

 - Saves fuel
 - Increases Power
 - Lowers emissions
 - Lowers maintenance
 - Extends life of engine
 - Cleans engine
   and much more....

Economax Fuel Catalyst has been designed to get maximum output from even lowest quality of fuel.
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Economax vs Magnetic Fuel Savers & Fuel Additives
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Benefits of Economax
Improved combustion leads to many positive changes in an engine's performance, including;
- Improved mileage (App. 20% petrol, 15% diesel)
- Improves power (bhp)
- Eliminates Hi-octane usage
- Longer life of oil and filters
- Quick start & better pickup
- Knocking free engine performance
- Cleaner engine parts
- Longer maintenance periods
- Use of un-leaded fuel in place of leaded one
- Reduced exhaust emissions
- Quick Payback
- Doesn't harm engine in any way
- Decreases engine wear
- Easy to install and effective upto 400,000Kms